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There are many cultural events.
For example, there are concerts and theater plays.
To some, you can go.
Others can be watched on the internet.

There are difficulties in participating.
Especially for people with disabilities.
We ask what kind of difficulties exist.
We look for ideas to eliminate them.

On November 27th, 2020 we are holding a hackathon.
This is an event for programmers and designers.
We work together on solutions.
We develop computer programs.
Those computer programs help to eliminate difficulties.
Afterward, everyone cans use the computer programs free of charge.

We also collect what kind of solutions are already available.
Solutions to find events more easily.
Solutions that make it easier to buy tickets.
Solutions to find a companion to go to events with.
And much more.

We write all the solutions in a list.
Everyone can get this list on the Internet.

That eventually more people can easily attend events.

Foto: Ein Teenager-Mädchen im Publikum auf einem Konzert ist von vorne zu sehen. Sie hält die Arme hoch und formt mit beiden Händen ein Herz. Von hinten strahlt ein gelebs Licht.
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