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In 48 hours to more accessibility at cultural events

Berlin, 03.12.20

In 48 hours to more accessibility at cultural events

The initiative “KuDiBa – Kultur Digital Barrier-frei” carried out an online hackathon last weekend with the aim of improving the participation in cultural events for people with disabilities. In just 48 hours, four digital tools were created that will make access to cultural events more accessible and the experience more inclusive in the future. A matching system for people with and without disabilities to visit events together, a ticketing add-on to notify organizers about the needs of their guests in advance, a browser extension for easy language, and a comprehensive directory of digital tools for accessible events.

Cultural events broaden our horizons, trigger emotions, and stimulate discussions. Attending a concert or a theater play inspires us, helps us switch off from everyday life, and brings people from different social classes together. However, this does not apply to all parts of our society. Although the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability and recognizes the right of people with disabilities to integration, almost 80 million people in Europe today are still often excluded from participation in cultural activities due to physical or mental impairment because there are too many barriers for them to take part. The KuDiBa initiative has set itself the goal of making the existing obstacles visible and fostering the digital competence of the cultural sector.

Developers and designers, with and without disabilities, from six different countries, came together last weekend for an online hackathon to jointly develop digital solutions for both, visitors who have a handicap and organizers that want to make their events more accessible and inclusive.

The following tools have been developed:

Wing Buddy: An online matching system that makes it easier for people with disabilities to find a companion to visit cultural events and allows interested volunteers to register as potential companions.

BarrTick: An online service with which people with disabilities can enter their needs once in an accessible form, store it anonymously, and send it in form of a simple link to event organizers when buying a ticket.

EasyLingo: A browser extension to present information on websites and in event announcements in an understandable language. An artificial intelligence shall be trained to help to convert texts automatically into so-called “plain language”.

KuDiBa-Directory: An online directory with over 130 already available digital tools that make it easier for organizers, visitors, artists, and developers to make events more accessible and inclusive.

All tools created in the Hackathon were developed on an open-source basis. Therefore the code is freely accessible and can be constantly changed, improved, and extended.


KuDiBa – Kultur Digital Barrierefrei“ ist a joint Initiative of
Handiclapped-Kultur Barrierefrei e.V. and MusicTech Germany e.V..

The project was funded by the Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa as part of the funding program Digitale Entwicklung im Kulturbereich.

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