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KuDiBa is an initiative from

Das Handiclapped Logo. Seit 2008. Handi Clapped, umrandet von einer angedeutetn Gitarre in Blau. Darunter "Inklusion rockt". "Musik für alle".


Handiclapped organizes concerts in Berlin since 2008.
They are made for people with and without special needs!
There are musicians with and without disabilities on stage.
Usually two bands perform on one evening.
The handicap is not in the foreground.
Enthusiasm for rock, pop, hits, hip hop is important.
Or sometimes also choir singing and flamenco!

There is also a Handiclapped band.
Handiclapped also does workshops for music and dance.
And is a specialist congress for “Inclusion and Live Music
We have 35 members.
17 of them have a handicap.

Homepage of Handiclapped:

Horizontales Logo von MusicTech Germany. Links ist die Bildmarke: Ein großer Kreis, in dem in orange ein Ausschnitt von Frequenzwellen zu sehen ist. Der Hintergrund ist in petrol. Darunter steht in petrolfarbenen Buchstaben "MusicTech" und darunter "Germany". Rechts steht in organgenen, großen Buchstaben "MUSICTECH Germany". Darunter steht in petrolfarbenen Buchstaben "Bundesverband Musiktechnologie Deutschland e.V.

MusicTech Germany

MusicTech Germany is a federal association.
Members are companies, individuals, and scientific institutions.
Everyone does something with music and technology.

For example products and services for musicians and the music industry.
The members exchange knowledge.
The association is a mediator between music and technology.
The association collects and distributes information.
The association advises politics and business.
The association advises artists.
The association holds a lot of meetings and events

Homepage of MusicTech Germany:

This project is funded by:

Das Logo der Berliner Senatsverwalrung für Kultur und Europa. Oben in roten Buchstaben "be" daneben das Brandenburger Tor als Striche und rechts das Wort "Berlin" in weiß vor rotem Hintergrund. In der nächsten Zeile ist eine rote Trennlinie. Darunter steht rechtsbündig "Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa" in roten Blockbuchstaben.

Berlin Senate For Culture and Europe

The state government of Berlin is called the Senate.
The Senate is responsible for shaping state politics.
It is at the head of the administration.

The Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe supports artists.
It supports theaters, orchestras, dance and literature in Berlin.
It supports memorials and museums in Berlin.
It supports institutions of the fine arts.
The Berlin Senate helps us realizing this project.
Without the Berlin Senate, we couldn’t finance KuDiBa.

Click here for the homepage of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe:

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