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We organize a 48-hour hackathon.
That more people with special needs can go to events.

The goal is to develop digital tools for this purpose.
The solutions should be open-source.
So that everyone can use them.

We want to make access to events easier for everyone.
For a more inclusive cultural scene.

The Hackathon takes place online.
The start is on Friday, 27/11/20 at 6 pm.

Please fill out the following form if you want to participate.
You are automatically registered.

We will send you a message with further information shortly.


Icon Eines Kopfes Von Einem Menschen Und Eines Warndreiecks

Easy Language

Making information on events more understandable and easier to find.

Icon Von Einem Buch In Braille Schrift


Making it easier for the visually impaired to book event tickets independently.

Icon Von Einem Ohr Und Einem Druchgestrichenen Lautsprecher


Making sign language translations more easily available at live events.

Icon Mit Zwei Personen, Die Sich High 5 Geben

Buddy Matching

Making it easier to find accompaniment to cultural events.

Icon Von Einem Menschen Mit Eine Symbol FĂĽr


Unify and simplify the visual orientation at events. Online and offline.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Hackathon participants can win great prizes.

The winning team gets 500 Euro.

The second-best result gets 300 Euro.

Additionally, there are these great prizes to win.

A vibrating metronome, contact tuner, dB meter and smartwatch in one device.

Soundbrenner Pulse. A Metronome For The Wrist That Looks Like A Watch.

Connect Playtron to fruits and play electronic music using online synthesizers or use it as a MIDI controller.

Portable XL Bluetooth speaker (72 W) with integrated high-performance battery.

Teufel XL Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth labeling device for mobile devices and the PC.

Labeling Device In Form Of A Square

A big “Thank You” to our partners for these amazing donations.

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