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We organized a 48-hour hackathon.
That more people with special needs can go to events.

The goal was to develop digital tools for this purpose.
The solutions should be open-source.
So that everyone can use them.

We want to make access to events easier for everyone.
For a more inclusive cultural scene.

The Hackathon took place online.
Start was on Friday, 27/11/20 at 6 pm.

The first 30 participants who had registered received a gift.
We sent it to their home.

volunteer with care packages full of goodies like chips, energy drinks, t-shirt, etc.


Icon Eines Kopfes Von Einem Menschen Und Eines Warndreiecks

Easy Language

Making information on events more understandable and easier to find.

Icon Von Einem Buch In Braille Schrift


Making it easier for the visually impaired to book event tickets independently.

Icon Von Einem Ohr Und Einem Druchgestrichenen Lautsprecher


Making sign language translations more easily available at live events.

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Buddy Matching

Making it easier to find accompaniment to cultural events.

Icon Von Einem Menschen Mit Eine Symbol Für


Unify and simplify the visual orientation at events. Online and offline.


Developers and designers came together for an online hackathon.
They were from six different countries.

Together with mentors and people with disabilities, they developed digital tools.
Those are meant to make access to cultural events easier.
For visitors and artists who have a handicap, and for organizers, who want to make their events more accessible and inclusive.

These four different solutions were developed:

Screenshot Wing Buddy 1. Slide Presentation

A buddy-matching system that makes it easier for people with disabilities to find a companion to go to cultural events with and also allows interested volunteers to register as potential companions. The association “Inklusion muss laut sein” already has a database of more than 3,700 volunteers who are available to accompany people with special needs. Up to now, each request had to be searched individually by hand in order to find a suitable person. With Wing-Buddy, this process can now be largely automated, taking into account data protection, by filtering and contacting a selection of people from the list based on their characteristics and needs. Thus, more companionships can be made possible more quickly.

When buying a ticket for a concert, people with disabilities have almost no way to indicate that they are impaired and therefore need to be accompanied or otherwise assisted on site. This poses special challenges for organizers, as they are not prepared for these visitors and usually only find out about their needs at the entrance or during the event itself. The solution “BARRTICK” is designed to enable people with disabilities to enter their needs once in an accessible form and store them anonymously on a server. By sending a simple link that leads to a website where this relevant information is stored, they can inform the organizer about their needs already when buying a ticket.

BARRTICK on white background
Easy Lingo on white background

To make event announcements sound as interesting and tempting as possible, they are usually formulated in nested sentences and contain foreign words. Information about the event itself and the venues are almost always written in standard language, the language we use in general. People with various disabilities cannot read these texts or find them very difficult to understand. They are dependent on texts being offered in so-called “plain language”. In order to write or convert a text into plain language, there are rules that must be observed. For instance, among other things, no sentence may consist of more than eight words and it may not contain foreign words. EasyLingo was developed with the aim of providing a digital tool that works like a translation program. To make this possible, a team of developers has created a browser extension that uses artificial intelligence to recognize how a text in standard language can be converted to be understood in “plain language”. This should make it possible for organizers to provide texts about events and venues in both “plain” without much effort.

So far, the KuDIBa online directory contains more than 130 digital tools to create more accessibility, which are already available today. This directory is intended to make it easier for organizers, visitors, artists and developers to plan, announce and carry out cultural events, as well as to create conditions for people with disabilities to enjoy the cultural event itself, without having to make a large organizational and financial investment. The directory is currently still a GoogleDoc, but should be integrated into this website as soon as possible. It is constantly extended.

Screenshot Font page online KuDiBa Directory
Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Hackathon participants could win great prizes.

The winning team got 500 Euro.

The second-best result got 300 Euro.

Additionally, these great prizes could be also won.

A vibrating metronome, contact tuner, dB meter and smartwatch in one device.

Soundbrenner Pulse. A Metronome For The Wrist That Looks Like A Watch.

Connect Playtron to fruits and play electronic music using online synthesizers or use it as a MIDI controller.

Portable XL Bluetooth speaker (72 W) with integrated high-performance battery.

Teufel XL Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth labeling device for mobile devices and the PC.

Labeling Device In Form Of A Square

A big “Thank You” to our partners for these amazing donations.

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